AtGames Reveals Videos of the Sega Genesis and Atari Flashback Consoles

AtGames has been crafting Genesis consoles for quite some time now, but their upcoming Sega Genesis Flashback is the first one with an HDMI output. It will output in 720p and use a new Genesis 6-button wireless controller. Its UI uses large, high-resolution boxart to better replicate a digital shelving system and it also features enhanced stereo audio. Modern-day features like save states and scanline filters can also be applied, while rewinding real-time gameplay allows you to undo past mistakes. With 85 games and cartridge support for most games, anyone with a large Genesis library looking to replay their collection on a modern TV is in for a treat with this.

For those seeking a bigger blast to the past, there’s also the Atari Flashback 8 Gold. The Flashback 8 Gold gives you a wood grain-style finish with two wireless joysticks and an HDMI output. It also allows you to rewind action and gives you the same kind of high-resolution cover art UI to make this feel more like a game collection. Save states and scanlines are also supported with this device, which has over 120 games included – making it an outstanding value for the money.