Master X Master Looks to Shake Up the MOBA Genre

If you’re a gamer, there’s more than likely been at least one MOBA you’ve gotten into in the past. And let’s be honest: probably far more than that. So when MMO masters NCSOFT decided to add yet another title to the genre, they wanted to mix things up. Enter Master X Master, which offers a unique mechanic that allows players to swap heroes at any time during a match, adding depth to gameplay tactics in post the PVP and PVE modes.

The tag mechanic is central to the experience, allowing characters to be swapped instantaneously, which makes it feel like a tag team fighting game. Featuring a 5v5 mode, 3v3 team death match and multiple PVE stages, players will find a surprising amount of depth. Fans of NCSOFT’s Changwon baseball team NC Dinos (this writer included) will find lots of nods to the franchise in the game, from the mascot to the adorable inflatable dino mallets. More still, players looking to get away from the action can throw some jpop on the jukebox and dance the night away, ideally to that same song hundreds of times.

With unique characters and a refreshing twist on the established genre, Master X Master could be a big hit. It’s free to play and has launched today, so head over here to give it a shot.