Rainbow Brite and Coleco Make Plans for a Comeback Together

Those are two names many have either never heard of or are remembering for the first time in a number years. Coleco was a huge developer of home consoles, video games, toys and more during the 1980’s while Rainbow Brite was a popular animated series during that time period which gained various merchandise including dolls, towels, bicycles, jewelry– you name it. However, in all that time there hasn’t been a Rainbow Brite video game and we’ve had to wait over 30 years of that to happen.

Coleco has been staying active on Facebook with a series of posts about a new Rainbow Brite title in the works. They have assembled a team of independent developers to create a retro take on the series fitting of the Coleco style with Rainbow Brite in Journey to Rainbow Land. It is said to be a 2D action game with enemies to face and puzzles to solve on every screen. There will be a few themed levels to traverse and meet new friends along the way. Currently, the plan is for Journey to Rainbow Land to be released via the Coleco Minis handheld line of portable tabletop toys complete with its own custom artwork. It will also apparently be available for download in some manner that has not been revealed.

A very early rough draft build of the game can be seen in the short video below. You can learn more about the project by staying glued to their updates or attending the Coleco Expo in Edison, NJ on August 5 and August 6. Plus, the company plans on announcing yet another 80’s icon to receive its own video game. It’s pretty exciting to see so much in the works after this long.