Badge Arcade No Longer Adding New Badges

While it’s been around only a couple of years, Nintendo Badge Arcade is pretty much finished as a title. It became available to download for North America in November 2015 and now it is no longer adding new badges.

Upon loading the game, Arcade Bunny will tell players he is moving on from his position. After the release of over 8,800 badges they are all out of anything new. However, old badges will be cycled through for those who are trying to complete set. There will be no more Miiverse postings as well. Then, Bunny runs through a listing of credits and gives thanks to Nintendo employees and other staff who made this game possible.

With this final update comes some new badges to collect which is a nice way for fans to go out with a bang. As a special thanks there will be 2 free plays given out everyday starting June 29 and last for a week. It’s a shame to see a fun title relatively disappear but hopefully we’ll see Bunny back sooner rather than later.