DariusBurst CS Vita and Furi Landing Friday at Limited Run Games

DariusBurst: Chronicle Saviours lasted about ten seconds, give or take, when the US physical version was released by Limited Run Games back in April.  The print run for PS4 was a tiny thing, 2,800 copies regular and 2,000 deluxe, primarily because LRG was worried that a full-priced game wouldn’t move in the way that their $25 releases do.  It turns out that it was a non-issue, but even so the Vita version is getting 4,000 copies total when it comes out Friday morning, so fans and collectors might want to set their alarms for the 10AM EST release, or at least get ready for the more leisurely 6PM EST second wave that might last a whole ten minutes.

The other game releasing at the same time is Furi, a PS4 (and PC, but that’s not relevant here) fast-action arena bullet hell shoot & slash boss fight-athon with style to spare.  Furi is getting a generous 4,800 copies, which judging by the last couple of releases should last through Saturday, but it’s probably best not to rely on that seeing as it’s got a big name like DariusBurst to drive eyeballs its way.  While the frenzy has settled down and the purchase window remained open longer in the last month, the right games can see that extra time disappear without a trace.