E3 2017: LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 Brings Marvel Joy, Few Surprises

Traveller’s Tales LEGO series of video games have always done a good job at delivering fun experiences for kids and adults alike. After nearly a decade of sticking to the same formula, however, the franchise feels tired with LEGO Marvel’s The Avengers being the weakest point. LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 is the latest LEGO game in the series and comes with some significant advantages. Though based on a well-known IP, LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 tells an original story and Traveller’s Tales is the best in the business at creating charming and funny LEGO renditions of everyone’s favorite characters. We went hands-on with LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 at E3 2017 to see what the developer is doing with the title.

The demo focused exclusively on the Guardians of the Galaxy cast, who now have roles in the story. The plot focuses on the world of “Chronopolis,” which exists at the intersection of the Marvel Universe’s timelines. As such, Kang the Conqueror seeks to capture it and bend the universe to his will. Alongside the Guardians, over a hundred different heroes and villains must come together and prevent Kang from reaching his goal.

Things began simply enough with the Guardians all gathered in Star Lord’s ship. Serving as the calm before the storm, areas like this allow players to try out the different characters as they destroy objects and solve simple puzzles. Star Lord can toss gravity grenades and use his jetpack to fly around the map, Groot can switch between his adult and baby forms, Rocket can team up with Groot to unleash extra firepower, Gamora can jump high, and Drax can ground pound objects. After using a few of the character’s special abilities to solve a few puzzles, the crew was dropped into combat.

Landing on solid ground, the Guardians come face-to-face with a Celestial. Standing over a hundred feet tall, we had to use all our character’s unique abilities to expose its power core and defeat him. This involved reversing time to rebuild a ship and send it crashing into the Celestial, using Drax to climb its arm and smash it’s shoulder, and then having Star Lord throw a gravity grenade into its chest all while fending off numerous waves of enemies. It was a hectic fight, but it wasn’t much fun.

Probably the biggest problem with the game is that there was too much going on on-screen. There were all five Guardians, a handful of enemies, the Celestial, and plenty of effects going off all over the screen. All of this caused the framerate to buckle quite often during the playthrough. Hopefully, the game will be further optimized to smooth over any issues.

The demo was short and didn’t give us a good look at the full roster or the open-world environments. It did, however, confirm that LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 is indeed another LEGO game and that it seems little has changed with the franchise. The game still possesses the charm and wit that made the games so enjoyable in the first place, and it’ll still be a great game for parents and kids to play together. For those who’ve grown tired of the franchise, however, the demo never presented anything new. There might be something new and special in the full game, but what Traveller’s Tales brought to the show didn’t have anything.

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 is out November 14 on PS4, Xbox One, PC and Switch.