Ice Kirby Receives Nendoroid Figure

Ice Kirby has been around for a long time using its abilities to freeze opponents. Turn them to blocks of ice and send it flying! Now, you can add this cool new Ice Kirby Nendoroid to your collection which is available for pre-order.

Picking out this cold cutie comes with a lot pieces. You receive a blue Kirby that makes use of many magnets to create a full body. There are four faces to choose from including neutral, angry, inhaling and inflated. The icy crown can be placed on top of his head to give him power. There are icy breath, skate dash and Star Bullet accessories also included.

The fun isn’t over yet with Kirby. In addition to Ice Kirby items there are a couple of other abilities to copy. You are even given a parasol and red headband for regular Kirby Nendoroid toys. Another face plate is added and it’s a sleepy one. Regular Kirby figures were originally released in 2015 but sales are opening back up!

Pre-order both versions today! Doing so for the Ice Kirby fetches you one more little goodie in the form of a lollipop item. They are open from June 22 to August 10 but won’t ship out December. There is so much to see, check out images of the figure below!