Sixth TitanFall 2 DLC Brings Maps, Modes

The War Games, the sixth free DLC drop for TitanFall 2, will take pilots to two new maps and add a few new features that players have been asking for.

War Games the map is one that is made to look similar to the simulator pods used in the world of TitanFall for training pilots. It’s set up as a city, with shops, multilevel buildings and long streets. This one promises window-to-window pilot combat and open lanes for Titans.

Traffic, the other map from The War Games, is an old testing site that has since been deserted. There are disheveled cars everywhere, meaning there’s lots of cover to hide behind. Overhanging bridges allow for snipers to pick pilots off, however, so players will have to be quick moving from car to car.

Also included in The War Games will be a new execution called “Shadow Boxing.” It’s for the Holo Pilot and can be executed after getting twenty pilot kills while a Holo Pilot ability is active. All pilots will be getting a third weapon slot so that everyone can run around with a primary, secondary and an Anti-Titan weapon at all times. The game mode Titan Brawl will be added to the permanent rotation with a small alteration — instead of showing the number of assists you got, it will show what percentage of damage you did to the Titan.

The War Games drops into TitanFall on June 22 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.