NA LCS Summer Split Week 4 Day 1 Predictions

There are three teams tied for first place and Immortals is one of them. Unfortunately for them, they have to play the other two this week to put them at the top. Here’s the bracket so far:

1. Counter Logic Gaming, Team Dignitas, Immortals

4. Team SoloMid

5. Team EnVy, Echo Fox, Cloud9

8. Team Liquid, FlyQuest

10. Phoenix1

Yep, Immortals have a very rough week ahead of them as they take on CLG and DIG. For the most part, all three have tough competition, but IMT drew the shortest straw. TSM with some losses bound to came at the top TSM can look to move further up the ladder as they have Fly and Echo on the docket and C9 get TL and a good test in DIG to cap things off. Here are the matchups for today.

  • Immortals vs Counter Logic Gaming (2-1)
  • Echo Fox vs Phoenix1 (2-1)

To start off the season IMT and CLG traded their junglers as they both felt that’s what was keeping them back. Both needed the change and their polar opposites of each other, so it’s funny that for both teams it seems to be exactly what they needed to be at the top of the ladder. As I’ve voiced over the past few weeks, I’m a big fan of IMT and Xmithie. While I think that CLG can match them in macro and possibly get them late game I’m hoping Xmithie can be the difference here over Dardoch.

As for P1 if they’re getting a win this split it needs to come here. While Echo is technically doing better than TL and Fly both of those teams have a habit of realizing the talent on their team and it getting them a win. The same can’t be said for Echo. No offense to them, but they’ve had it about as rough as TL has for a while now. P1 have gone through three junglers and if lolesports is right they’ll be sticking with the rookie MikeYeung tomorrow. It’s either him or Meteos since Inori is now a member of TL. With everything going on at P1 I would be surprised if the team found what they were looking for so quickly.