E3 2017: Bionik Reveals Gear for All Major Consoles

Bionik is a company that specializes in gaming accessories that increase the level of immersion and overall quality of the gaming experience. They have several new items to announce and spent some time bringing Hardcore Gamer up to speed on what we can expect to see from them in the near future. Here is a run down of some of the items they showed us (their complete catalog can be viewed at their website). While I have not done any extensive field testing on any of these products to give an in depth analysis of their overall quality, the items I did get to check out felt very well put together on the initial handling. I have bought cheap third party peripherals in the past and none of the Bionik stuff had that chinchy, cut rate feel to them.

The Elite Kit

This is a mod kit designed for the Xbox One Elite controller. This contains two large paddles, two small paddles, and an ORB circular directional pad. Made from a high quality metal to ensure durability, these pieces are designed with a unique texture for improved grip and control with an ergonomic design that is ideal for the Elite controller. The paddles go in the back of the controller and can be manipulated with the fingers that grip the controller. This concept may sound a bit weird to people who haven’t played with paddles, but after testing this design out on a first person shooter they end up feeling natural rather quickly.

Face Pad VR

This is a replacement face pad for VR headsets, and they offer different versions for Samsung Gear VR and the Oculus Rift. These replacement pads are made with soft padding for comfort over extended periods of game time. Both models are made from hypoallergenic materials as to not irritate sensitive skin. These are meant to replace old, worn out and dirty face pads, and are ideal for households with multiple VR users.

Giganet Adapter

This is a high speed USB Ethernet adapter that is designed to discreetly fit into the Nintendo Switch’s charging dock without blocking the fan or interfere with ventilation. This provides a fast and secure connection for online gaming using USB 3.0 to RJ45 high speed adapter supporting 10/100/1000 bit Ethernet.

Hyper Kit

This is a high capacity battery with a ten foot charging cable for the Xbox One controller. This inncludes two 1200 mAh rechargeable battery packs and high-quality, flat charge cable. They feature a unique magnetic coupling connection with breakaway safety feature, with an ergonomic design that does not interfere with fingers during game play.


The Lynx is a controller charging cable that is available for the PlayStation 4, Switch, and Xbox One. These cables are made with a flat, tangle resistant design and include cable ties for neat storage when not in use. These allow players to continue gaming while the controller is charging. The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One cables are ten feet long. The Switch version is six feet long, not sure why the Switch got the less length but that’s just how it happens sometimes, though six feet should be enough. Not all recharging options for controllers allow play and charge functionality, so this is a nice feature about the Lynx.

The Mantis

The Mantis is set of high fidelity detachable on-ear headphones for the PlayStation VR. This lightweight headset rests gently on the ears to eliminate the ear fatigue that can occur with regular headphones or earbuds without sacrificing sound. This connects directly to the headset by clipping onto the headset band and can flip on and off ear. While vanity is probably not a main concern while playing a VR game, the picture below shows that the Mantis seamlessly blends into the headset.

Power Kit VR

This is an extra long, 13 foot cable that is a rapid charger kit for the Samsung Gear VR that allows players to enjoy their VR games without the fear of running out of power. This features a unique design with a break away connector for additional safety, must like the added safety we give our pets with break away collars. Aside from charging the Gear VR, this can be used to charge smartphones and most Micro-USB devices. The Micro-USB end is 90˚ angle for convenient connection and includes a velcro wrap for easy storage.

Power Plate and Power Plate Duo

These products are essentially the same, the difference is the Power Plate Duo costs a bit more because it is a set of two Power Plates, and when they are priced $49.99 and $69.99 the Duo seems like the way to go. With the Switch having the capability of breaking free from the TV and turn into a portable console, a portable battery system to charge on the go seems like a good idea. Joy-Con controllers can be connected to create a traditional controller layout or to use as a portable back up battery for the Switch console or charge the Joy-Con controllers. This includes a unique charging dock for easy recharging and storage, a carrying bag, and USB Type-C adapter.

Quick Shot

The Quick Shot is another easy to install controller peripheral for the Xbox One, though these are designed for the standard controller and not the Elite model. These custom rubber textured grips allow for better grasp and improved control with dual setting trigger locks to help with faster trigger response time.

Rapid Charger

This is a Dynamic Type-C charger that supports multiple voltage outputs, including 15V which is required for the Switch Dock support. This includes a premium six foot Type-C cable with durable woven shielding and tangle resistant flat design, this detachable Type-C cable can be used with any Type-C port for power and data transfer, and is ideal to charge while playing the Nintendo Switch or Pro Controller.

Tetra Power

For households with multiple Switch players, this unique cross formation charger that allows up to four Joy-Con controllers to charge simultaneously seems like a must. This has been designed specifically to match the aesthetics of the Nintendo Switch console while also featuring a built-in cable management/length adjustment system to keep cords organized. This conveniently attaches to the Nintendo Switch dock for easy use and includes LED charge status indicators.