Sega and Data Discs Announce Exclusive Sonic Mania Vinyl Album

Given that this is Sonic the Hedgehog’s birthday weekend, it wasn’t exactly a shock that Sega had something special to announce as part of the celebration. So enter Data Discs, the record label known for releasing video game soundtracks on vinyl, who are teaming up with Sega once again to release an exclusive vinyl album for The Blue Blur’s upcoming retro platformer trip, Sonic Mania.

The album will feature select tracks by Tee Lopes, Sonic Mania’s composer, contains exclusive gatefold artwork, and for the collector, comes in three different styles: Sonic Blue, Classic Black, and a Limited Edition version. Pre-orders will open in late July at Data Discs’ official site, Just before the game’s release the following month. More details will follow, but for now, feel free to check out the first pics of the album below.