Maybe Hope for TxK on PS4 and PC, Maybe Not

TxK is one of the more frustrating videogame stories of the last few years.  After coming out on Vita to incredibly strong reviews and building a very happy fan base, the game was scheduled to release on PS4 and PC until the company going by the name of Atari decided to get involved.  While the Vita version of TxK never went away the threat of legal action was enough to kill the game on other platforms.  Work was already well underway on the conversion, though, so Llamasoft finished things off and then the game just sat there in storage, hibernating.  It occasionally got an outing at different shows and expos, and Llamasoft put out a public call for testers for the PC VR version that was a few levels long, but otherwise it’s Vita or nothing.  There is still hope, though, as evidenced in this June 24 tweet from Jeff Minter-

As explained further in the conversation that’s not reason to get too excited, because this isn’t an announcement of pending release so much as preparing for the best in case it actually happens.  Llamasoft has been trying to work with Atari for a while to resolve the issue, with progress happening at a glacial pace behind closed doors/e-mails.  Maybe TxK running on PS4s, PCs, and VR headsets worldwide will happen and maybe it won’t, but if the chance comes along the game will be ready.  Hopefully sooner rather than later, because as nice as it is on the Vita’s screen it looks absolutely fantastic in VR.