NA LCS Summer Split Week 4 Day 3 Predictions

I may not have picked them to win, but IMT did anyway. Capping off the 2-0 week means they’ll be the solo number one going into next week and have won the first half of the tie breakers. Here’s the bracket going into the final day.

1. Immortals

2. Counter Logic Gaming

3. Team Dignitas, Team SoloMid

5. Cloud9

6. Team EnVy

8. Team Liquid, FlyQuest, Phoenix1

The most interesting part of yesterday was seeing Team Liquid and their lineup. Other than that IMT took care of business, TSM and C9 made quick work of their opponents and CLG kept EnVy down. It was a good day of League of Legends and we should have another one ahead of us today. Here are the matches.

  • Team SoloMid vs Echo Fox (2-0)
  • Team Liquid vs Phoenix1 (1-2)
  • Cloud9 vs Team Dignitas (2-1)
  • FlyQuest vs Team EnVy (1-2)

Echo Fox is right below .500 on the split and lucky for them there are three teams below them with only one win each. This has pretty much been par for the course for them over the past few splits so I’m not expecting anything new from the squad. Froggen, however, is having an amazing year in lane with the third highest CSD@10 of any NA LCS player ever. For TSM this should be much like today. Come in and take care of business right off of the bat. You let Echo Fox stick around and they can find a way to win late game.

This split just became even more interesting for TL. Recently they announced the 10-man roster and they showed off a few members today. For game 1 they had Slooshi in the mid lane and Konkwon at support replacing Goldenglue and Matt, respectively. Then during the second game, they replaced Reignover with Inori. None of their changes worked, but they were matched against C9. Today, they have Phoenix1 and it’s a grudge match for Inori. I’m really split on which way I think it’ll go, but I’m choosing Phoenix1 because that’s what my gut says. Slooshi and Konkwon didn’t have the best games either so it’s hard to grade their performance. While they didn’t perform that well Slooshi had to go against Jensen who’s been amazing and Konkwon was against a very experienced bot lane in Sneaky/Smoothie.

C9 have a big test in their match with DIG. If they can follow in IMT’s footsteps they can come out with a win. Getting a win against DIG for me has always been about stopping Ssumday and not letting him get Fiora and IMT only did one part of that. They did an amazing job stopping him in games two and three as he lost on Fiora (first all time all season) and Kennen. Combined KDA in both games was 1-7-1. In Game one he played Shen and went 1-1-12. If C9 can replicate this they’ll be in a good spot. If not, it’ll be a rough one for them. They’re the second best team for a reason, however, so even a rough match is winnable.

FlyQuest hasn’t been able to perform the cheese to the levels that they were the last split. Whether that’s responsible for the drop in standings or not we’ll never know, but whatever it is it has definitely taken its toll on them. To be completely honest this is a match for EnVy to lose. I expect them to not have too much trouble unless FlyQuest has found themselves for one match.