The Metronomicon Makes its Move to PS4 and Xbox One

The Metronomicon first arrived on PC in late 2016 where it quickly drew tons of fans. As of this moment, the rhythm RPG hybrid sits at “very positive” ratings on Steam. Of course, the sad part about PC releases is that they leave console-exclusive players in the dust. That’s one reason why the upcoming release of The Metronomicon: Slay the Dance Floor is so exciting. Very soon both PS4 and Xbox One owners will be able to get their groove on, too!

If you’ve never played The Metronomicon before, then try to imagine Guitar Hero with multiple lanes all controlled by one player (or more, if you hop into a multiplayer match). In single player mode, this might initially seem super daunting. Fortunately, it’s not as if you need to wail on all tracks simultaneously. Each of the four lanes represents a different member of your party. As such, your best bet is to know the skillset of each teammate and hammer on their lane when you’re in need of their specific skills and abilities.

For example, if your party is running low on health, jump to the healer for a few riffs to make sure everyone survives the next onslaught. Each party member has three abilities. How do you choose between them without a menu during active combat? Basically, each ability requires staying on the lane for a certain amount of time. Complete a few notes and you’ll be prepped with the lowest-level ability. Stick around for longer and you’ll charge up the second, and finally third, ability. It gets pretty hectic, but the game does an admirable job of alerting players of which skill is active.

Story mode is far from the only way to play through The Metronomicon: Slay the Dance Floor. You can also jump into a daily run, sidequests and free play of your favorite tracks. Each of these modes also offers local multiplayer. Folks looking for an additional (and honestly, quite awesome) challenge should pull their plastic controllers out of storage. If you happen to have a guitar controller or dance pad for PS4 or Xbox One then you’ll be more than ready to play through the game in a totally new way. Less adventurous gamers can of course opt for standard controller gameplay.

No matter which method you choose for playing The Metronomicon: Slay the Dance Floor, you’re in for a rollicking time. The bright, sometimes gaudy colors bring excitement to the already exuberant gameplay. Then there’s the matter of the soundtrack which is make or break for any rhythm-based title. Fortunately, it’s a home run thanks to its collection of awesome artists. Some names you might be familiar with include DJ Cutman, Mega Ran and Shinji Hosoe. There’s a definite love for chiptune artists and gaming music represented here.

Don’t worry if you’re not super skilled at rhythm games. This one features a multitude of difficulty settings for beginners to pros. Local co-op mode could also prove helpful when one player needs a bit more assistance. All in all, Metronomicon: Slay the Dance Floor is aptly named. It slays people’s perceptions about what a modern music game is all about and brings with it fabulously fun gameplay. Keep an eye out for its console debut later this year or pick it up on Steam today for Windows and Mac.