Bomberman 64 Available on Japanese Virtual Console

Way back in 1983, Bomberman made his very first appearance. Over a decade later, in 1997, he came to the Nintendo 64 to some pretty average reviews. It’s a fun time though and perfect for beginners of the series or anyone wanting to check out an oldie but goodie.

Bomberman 64 follows the titular character through various levels in order to defeat different bosses. It features full 3D environments and control. Blast enemies with large bombs, bounce atop of bombs and detonate them remotely. There is also a multiplayer mode for up to 4 players. The game takes up 32MB and supports various controllers.

Fans over in Japan can check out Bomberman 64, especially if they enjoyed Super Bomberman R for the Switch and haven’t checked out the game before. It’s not the same but nice to see variety in the series. Check out the announcement trailer for the Virtual Console version below.