Persona 5 IM App is Finally Here

Those who’ve taken a look at the variety of gameplay in Persona 5 may know that as players take on the role of a high school teenager in Tokyo, they inevitably spend a sizeable amount of their time staring at his phone. Needless to say, a game that’s as about style as Persona 5 has ensured that even reading texts can be a treat. So, Persona 5 fans Nick and Laura Greenan put their considerable skills and talents to work and made an IM app meant to look, animate, and feel exactly like the Persona 5 main protagonist’s IM app on his own in-game smartphone. Complete with slick animations resembling the game’s, just the right UI, and being an actual, working texting app, the first version of the Persona 5 IM app is available now. Hopefully, it’ll grow and adapt to many, many different devices so all those wanting to text like a Phantom Thief can finally do just that. For real.

Get the app on the Google Play Store here!