Remastered Super Cloudbuilt Coming Out July

Developers Coil Works and Double Eleven today dropped a trailer announcing Super Cloudbuilt’s return with a trailer announcing the remastered game is coming to PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Super Cloudbuilt, originally released back in 2014 for PC, brings a mix of parkour platforming with a world that looks like something pulled from Gravity Rush. Demi, a soldier who wakes up with loss of self, must overcome the obstacles before her to piece her new world together.

A mix of parkour and shooting, Super Cloudbuilt is a fast-paced action romp through a platforming dream. With over 177 challenges and 3 game modes to experiment with, awaiting any willing contender. The remastered edition focusing on tighter competitive game play with more diverse mechanics and varied connected worlds.

Check out the trailer below while waiting for an official July release date: