Agents of Mayhem Drops the Bombshells in New Character Trailer

It’s been nearly two months since we got to see a showcase for the Franchise Force, the first trio of characters to be part of the titular Agents of Mayhem in Volition’s latest open-world action game. And now we finally get to see the next batch in action, as seen in the new trailer below. Dubbed the Bombshells, they are indeed known for being volatile and explosive in various ways, showcasing some personalities and abilities that would definitely be fun to play with.

Our trinity this time around includes Joule, part world-famous model and part engineer capable of deploying deadly turrets, Rama, the world’s foremost immunologist who stealthily fires shield-busting arrows, and Redcard, a crazed football player who specializes in close-range attacks. So you can get an initial feel for them in the new clip, then be prepared to put their eccentric ass-kicking to the test when Agents of Mayhem comes out on August 15.