Latest Dragon Blaze Patch Adds New Transcended Allies

Last week, Dragon Blaze fans were gifted a brand new mode in the form of Guild Loot Battle, which put players up against the top guilds in order to get some sweet loot and rubies. Well, this week we’re getting something just as substantial.

Gamevil has released the latest patch showcasing two new Transcended Archangeli. If you’re unfamiliar with what Archangeli are, they’re essentially the second wave of dieties, the first being Dracos. Thus far we’ve received Archangeli Mikaela and Ravengale, but now we have two more in our collection: Kymael and Fryderyk.

Kymael is much more of a supporting character than anything else, restoring health and buffing allies in the process. She does have an attack that won’t hit too hard, but it does stun enemies for a staggering eight seconds, which in PVP is devastating.

Fryderyk on the other hand is much more of a DPS character, mainly for crowd control as two of his main attacks are AOE-based. In addition, Fryderyk has the ability to buff his skills threefold, which can be devastating to groups of enemies.

In addition, U Grade Triple Skill Cards have been introduced, allowing players to combine Dual U Grade cards into something even more powerful. Of course it’s still all RNG, and it costs a whopping 2.5 million gold, but the results are quite impressive.

Dragon Blaze is available for iOS and Android devices.