Robocraft Infinity Gives Console Players Total Robot Creation Freedom

Robocraft is one of those games that came out of nowhere and absolutely took over. Since its launch in 2013, it has accumulated a massive 13 million registered players. How is that possible for an indie team like Freejam? Simple. The title focuses on giving players total freedom to create awesome robots to send into battle. With so many players, you’ll be able to fight against all manner of amazing creations. Alongside immense customizable possibilities, it’s also available as a free to play release. Mesh these two components together and you have an extremely compelling title that hooks in more players every week.

With such a massive fanbase at this point, the developers decided it was time to expand beyond PC. That’s where Robocraft Infinity comes in. This is a version of the game for Xbox One – but it’s not content to simply be a port. Perhaps one of the most surprising changes is the move from free to play to a one-time purchase. No, pricing hasn’t been released yet, but for comparison, the Premium for Life Pack costs $49.99 on PC. Robocraft Infinity’s initial pay gate comes with the sweet reward of access to all items for customization in one fell swoop rather than purchasing DLC sets.

By removing the “grinding” aspect (so common in free to play titles), players will be able to enjoy designing robots without added hassle. Of course, there are other perks to playing Robocraft Infinity. Alongside a new progression system, there have been tweaks to the combat for balancing purposes. The game also sees updated design to ensure that playing with a controller makes sense. Right now creating robots is still a little sluggish in comparison to using a mouse and keyboard, but it’s honestly not that big of an issue. There’s time left to further improve controller support before it does finally launch.

Those who have never played the game before may be surprised by how easy it actually is to create a robot from scratch. Many other titles in the genre take a very “serious” approach, meaning you have to be careful about building much of anything. Forgetting to connect an engine or not considering weight results in a totally broken vehicle. Robocraft (and the upcoming Infinity) doesn’t enforce similar restrictions. Slap some wheels and weapons on a few connected blocks and – boom – you’re ready to roll.

Playing on Xbox One of course awards players with Achievements. With that said, this is also a title making use of Microsoft’s “Play Anywhere” feature. As such, picking up Robocraft Infinity on Xbox One will net you a copy to play via a Windows 10 PC as well. So really, it comes in as a better deal than only playing the game on Steam (unless you’re highly devoted to the Steam community). It’s important to note that Robocraft and Robocraft Infinity are separated when it comes to user content and multiplayer. This is a necessary move due to the differences between the titles.

The audience for this title is so vast it should be little time at all before Robocraft Infinity is heavily populated with players and their creations. Another great aspect about the game is that if you don’t have a creative bone in your body, you can simply download someone’s robot and enjoy the game that way. Robocraft Infinity is expected to launch in the first quarter of 2018. There is currently no word about the potential of any other consoles receiving the game at this point.