Zen Studios Announces Pinball FX3

Zen Studios has been working the digital silver ball for years, creating a massive collection of 69 tables using both unique and licensed themes.  Pinball FX2 doesn’t try to recreate physical tables but rather features new ones built from scratch, taking full advantage of the format with table toys that don’t need to deal with real-world restrictions.  It may not have any effect on the ball physics or shot flow to see Boba Fett jetpack from one platform to another while tentacles wave over a pit in the playfield behind him, but it looks really cool.  After years of the same front-end menu, though, it’s time for an update, and that update is Pinball FX3.

Pinball FX3 is the new community-driven version of the Pinball FX series, focusing on more than simple leaderboard score-chasing.  While details are still a little light on everything that it does, it looks like the tables will be more of what you’re used to but with actual multiplayer modes, league play, and user-created tournaments added in.  While not all Pinball FX2 tables will make it over to the new features most of them will, and it’s a free migration too.  The new features and front-end also come with a nice engine upgrade, so expect fancy graphical prettiness to light up the tables.  The launch of Pinball FX3 will, of course, come with new tables, and while they’re mostly DLC the front-end is free and comes with Sorcerer’s Lair.  The release date is still a mystery, though, but it’s going to be on “all consoles” (which isn’t actually a Nintendo Switch announcement because that’s still a work in progress) and PC.  There’s a lot more information to come, but for now the important thing is that there’s a shiny new makeover coming for one of the biggest and longest-running video pinball series around.