Check Out the Unsurprisingly Blood-Soaked Trailer for Gorn

The team of developers Free Lives and publisher Devolver Digital is naturally familiar with over-the-top carnage, having given us the likes of Broforce just a couple of years ago. But how will they top such a spectacle of gleefully insane and bloody action? Why, take things into VR, of course! And thus we now have Gorn, a VR gladiator simulator that, as seen in the initial gameplay trailer below, clearly lives up to its name.

Taking a more liberal, arcade-y approach to ancient combat and historical accuracy, Gorn sees you fighting off muscular combatants with spears, maces, throwing knives, their own severed arms, and basically any other weapon that you can get your hands on. It looks like an absolute hoot, and you won’t have to wait long for your first taste of it, as it hits Early Access on July 10. So indeed, those of you looking for some intense, crazed VR action may want to keep an eye out for this.