The First Round of Breath of the Wild DLC Really Packs a Punch

When Nintendo announced DLC for their latest and greatest entry into the Zelda series, it turned a lot of heads. The inclusions to the DLC were vague and didn’t give players a good idea of what they were going to expect. Fortunately, Nintendo was sure to get around to including some information in recent directs and even feature the new items for players to use on their journey to save Hyrule. The first round of DLC is the Master of Trials, and it pushes players to their limit with brand new ways challenges for them to overcome.

After downloading the DLC, players who hop into their original save files receive a slew of new quests relating to the variety of new content available. Most of these include the many new costumes such as Tingle’s outfit, Midna’s mask and the Korok mask. While most of these are mainly cosmetic with some bonus resistances, the Korok mask actually helps alert Link when he’s near one of the 900 hidden Koroks which makes hunting every single one down a little less tedious. The Travel Medallion is another new item players can pick up, and allows players to set their own warp point they can quickly travel to whenever they like. This can be useful in those large areas without a shrine close by, or just to set up near a boss enemy that players need a certain drop from whenever they respawn. In one additional minor feature, players can now look at their map and see the path that Link walked in the last 200 hours of gameplay, and even relive it by watching it draw out the path players took.

For those players who have managed to receive the Master Sword from the Deku tree, there is a brand new challenge awaiting anyone who wants to see it reach its full potential. By visiting the Deku tree, players can take on a challenge that has 60 floors filled to the brim with enemies and bosses that need to be defeated. The catch is that players go in with no weapons, armor, items or special abilities received from the champions. Link does keep his rune abilities while in the trial, which can come in very hand as if the player runs out of weapons they can at least still take advantage of the remote bombs.

The biggest new addition to Breath of the Wild is the Master Mode. It’s similar to Hero Mode in previous Zelda entries, but with a whole new level of challenging difficulties. Every enemy encountered in the world of Hyrule is now one level higher in difficulty, making even in the starting enemies more of a threat to Link. Once damaged enemies will also constantly regain their health back, so Link must fight on the offensive if he doesn’t want enemies getting all their health back from running around too long. More enemies also appear in areas where they weren’t around previously, and more difficult enemies such as the Lynels appearing more often throughout the world.

The first DLC for Breath of the Wild adds an amazing level of challenge for any player. The Trial of the Sword tests a player’s ability to work with limited items and Master Mode puts players into the most dangerous version of Hyrule they could ever imagine while having to start from the Great Plateau once again. Players who are looking for the greatest challenge will want to pick this up whenever they have a chance, but those just waiting for more story content may want to hold off until the second round of DLC is released.