Horizon: Zero Dawn Receives Patch 1.30

Horizon: Zero Dawn may be young but as far as updates go, Guerrilla Games is taking care of its baby. Today, Patch 1.30 dropped fixing a few issues while adding even more great content before tackling Horizon’s first expansion ‘The Frozen Wilds’ shown at E3 this year.

The most important thing 1.30 adds is a New Game+ option, which fans having been asking for since the games release. Like any good NG+ this will make starting a new play through a breeze. Aloy won’t lose any skill progression or items on her person when starting a NG+, however, the level cap is still 50. Don’t expect to go above and beyond. Although XP can still be collected while adventuring. NG+ also has added updated versions too existing weapons and outfits but they won’t come cheap. Better starting saving shards now.

A new difficulty mode is being introduced ‘Ultra Hard’ in case you were wondering just how difficult things could be. This will play out in hyper-aware machine behavior and other small tweaks. Careful though once locked in, the choice to switch difficulty won’t be reversible when choosing a NG+ option. Those playing normally need not fret.

The cherry on top of all these big changes is  the addition of a few new Trophies and extra unlockable content giving players the choice of adding various facepaints to Aloy or changing her Focus.