Collector’s Cabinet: Rabi-Ribi Limited Edition

There’s nothing quite like owning physical goods, but they can be expensive and shelf space can come at a premium. Every month, Hardcore Gamer picks a premium collectible from our cavernous swag vaults and tells you whether it’s worth a spot in your Collector’s Cabinet.

If you’re a fan of Metroidvanias and would love a dash of bullet hell and adorable bunny girls then Rabi-Ribi needs to be on your must-play list. Developed by CreSpirit, this 2D exploration platformer brings with it a heavy dose of bullet-dodging action. Fans love it so much that it currently maintains an “overwhelmingly positive” review reception on Steam. Like so many indie-developed games, however, it remained available as a digital exclusive throughout 2016. In 2017, Sekai Project released the Rabi-Ribi Limited Edition for PC players.

The box it comes in deserves mention as quite lovely itself. The cover features Saiste’s iconic, colorful Rabi-Ribi artwork. While the size itself is similar to an old PC big box, the box actually splits in half with a lid. The bottom half features cardboard cut to hold the contents in place so they don’t rattle around. The lid and body clasp together firmly, meaning you shouldn’t expect the two to break apart and spill Rabi-Ribi goodies everywhere on accident. In any case, that’s enough about the darn box.

Once opened up, the first item uncovered is “The Arts of Rabi-Ribi” artbook. This soft cover book comes with more than 100 pages of color artwork. This includes sketches of CGs, merchandise designs, character biographies, in-production game screenshots and more. Fans will definitely find the book worth a look through to learn more about its development. Next up is the original soundtrack CD. It comes in one of those thin cardboard and plastic cases, with more Rabi-Ribi artwork on the cardboard elements. So it’s not as droll as a clear slim jewel case and fortunately not as awful as a plain paper sleeve.

Next up are four large postcards illustrated by Saiste. You’ll definitely be familiar with the images on each one if you’ve played the game through before. Their colors really pop and overall these are some well-produced postcards (and most will probably never actually want to give them up by sending any through the mail). Next are two pin badges. Normally limited editions don’t have pins and perhaps this is why. They seem to feature off-center designs, not particularly interesting artwork, and overall honestly aren’t as exciting as pins you see fans selling at a convention.

You might notice that there has been no mention of the actual game yet. Don’t worry, the Rabi-Ribi Limited Edition does contain the game, just not as a physical disc or USB format. Instead, there’s a small card with Steam key printed on the back. Yes, that means this also isn’t a DRM-free digital release. The card is numbered because this edition is limited to just 1000 copies. Mine is number 936, suggesting that there may not be many left for folks to scoop up.

If you’re interested in getting your hands on the Rabi-Ribi Limited Edition then it may be best to hurry over to Sekai Project’s store page to buy it for $60. Please note that this is not the last time Rabi-Ribi will be available physically. In fact, not one but two companies are set to produce physical copies in the future. In Europe, a retail release is coming from PQube for both PS Vita and PS4. Currently, that’s set with a Q3 2017 launch window. Then there is Limited Run Games who are producing a worldwide release for PS4 and PS Vita. We don’t have a date for that version yet.

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