What’s Next for The Legend of Zelda After Breath of the Wild

Only months ago The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild released to astounding success, which was to be expected for an epic installment from the long-running series. Breath of the Wild is a game filled with sprawling landscapes, gorgeous scenery, simple mechanics and so many other engaging elements. It’s the game Zelda fans have been wanting for years, but now we wonder what will be next for one of Nintendo’s flagship brands. This list runs down possible options of what we could see in the future. There is no way to tell what Nintendo has in store when it comes to Zelda, so we are making some fun guesses for the next Legend of Zelda games and what they may include.

Going Bigger

Breath of the Wild is by far the largest Zelda game to be released. In fact, it’s even one of the biggest video games ever in terms of in-game area. There is so much to see and do that you’ll be discovering secrets and finding new locations even after beating Ganon. It was stated during development that everything you see, you can visit. But those who played know that’s not true as island can be seen along the horizon and the desert expands off in the distance. For the next Zelda game it would seem like a step back to scale the world down or keep it the same, so the only other option is to increase the size of the map. Going above and beyond Breath of the Wild is obviously going to be a difficult task. It is probably what fans would want though as they could feel let down with playing in this current world and then moving on to something very tiny in comparison. However, the Zelda games have traditionally gotten bigger over the years so it could happen after all.

Storyline Focus

Whatever game comes next for Zelda will be tough topping Breath of the Wild. It has a pretty good storyline but because there is a lot more emphasis on exploring, plot kind of takes a backseat. But finding all of the memories and cutscenes then piecing them together does show off a very enjoyable and in-depth series of events. Either way, whenever the next Zelda game comes along there will need to be a clear focus on the storyline. Finding out more about whoever the villain is or their plans would be vital and it’s something that lacks in Breath of the Wild. If storyline is to be emphasized then other aspects are going to have to be scaled back which could mean no more cooking meals, unlimited arsenal, and more. There can be some walking off the path but for a more successful story there can’t be any distractions. Zelda games always tell terrific stories but after an epic such as Breath of the Wild, it needs to be taken up to another level.

Continuing DLC

If there is any chance that Breath of the Wild is supposed swan song for the series (which is highly unlikely), it could make more sense for it to continuously receive more DLC just as a way to keep the franchise going. It just seems pretty hard to come up with something even more grandiose than Breath of the Wild. We have already received a pack of outfits and the Hard Mode version which will keep players entertained until December when we get to learn more about the Champions of Hyrule in the next bundle of content. After that, we’re unsure what the future holds which is why it could be fun to keep coming out with new missions, items and characters. Depending on what we find out from the Champions’ Ballad, things could be left open-ended to have more. There just seems to be too much potential in Breath of the Wild to leave off with only two DLC packs. Adding new plotlines and collectibles would surely have fans playing the game until a new title is announced.

New World

The Zelda universe is very large indeed. There are so many people, places, events and other happenings that it deserves those huge encyclopedias. However, Breath of the Wild missed the cutoff date for the books which means the world is still expanding. So of course, there is a chance for the next Zelda game to take place in a whole new location. No more ties to Hyrule or references to the past titles. Maybe going with something completely original will be what is needed for the series. There are ties to Skyward Sword, Twilight Princess, Link’s Awakening and more that can be found in Breath of the Wild. But they can ditch it all and go for something else. Nintendo is great at retelling old stories in new ways and the Zelda series has always shared similarities. Next will be time to start anew. Some of its greatest ideas and engaging titles came from something fresh like flooding the entire world in Wind Waker or focusing on gimmicks like A Link Between Worlds. Next time, have Link start off thousands of miles away from Hyrule. Discover strange critters and meet friends while learning about a land he is a stranger to. Set sail for a brand new journey.

Playing as Zelda

The entire series is not called Legend of Link, so it’s about time Nintendo does something about it. Give us a game where we play as Princess Zelda. We have been learning about her throughout the entire inception of the franchise and playing as her in other video games, but we need a Zelda game about Zelda. In Breath of the Wild we see Link’s memories of her as she attempts to find the power within. Well, how about letting us experience those kinds of things firsthand? Or allow us to have a full arsenal of magical powers, light arrows and more at our disposal and have to save Link from Ganon instead. She deserves to have her own story told through our actions and perspective. It wouldn’t be difficult to come up with a story or setting for her own title. Plus, fans are going to back the idea without fail. Perhaps Nintendo has this in the works for a later time; we can only hope it’s as epic as Zelda herself.

The Legend of Zelda has tons of potential to create something fresh. Whether or not it will be able to top the scope and size of Breath of the Wild is yet to be seen. We can only hope there is something more on the horizon for the series. Comment below with your ideas and thoughts for the next Zelda game.

  • Reader god

    What if they make DCL pack where kinda of like you said instead of playing link you play as the champions and learn about them

    • Jake

      That would also be super fun! The more the merrier!

  • Reader god

    If they ever do end it they should power link up and send him back through the previous games to learn little by little u til he stops the evil before all the games started!

  • Jarrett Smith

    You people want to see something new in Legend of Zelda? How about this? At some point, Link actually KISSES THE GIRL!!!

    I mean, seriously! We had all those touching moments, with all the gorgeous and romantic scenery, and Link still has yet to kiss Zelda or any girl. Come ON!!!

    • Jake

      Sebastian from Little Mermaid needs to sing that song because the boy is too shy.

  • Jason

    Another lame comment about letting us play as Zelda. That’s like a Mario game where you play as peach (those exist) but cannot play as Mario. Link is the hero hidden by the gods to save Hyrule. The game would be stupid if you couldn’t play as Link or if Zelda became the hero. I would prefer if they made a game that takes place in another world after Link saves Hyrule. Some very strange and exotic new world that doesn’t feel like Hyrule. A massive, open world where you discover your own adventure and the story narrative unfolds differently depending on what you do first. They could remove Zelda from the title of it didn’t tie in to Hyrule’s plot. Or maybe Link is forced to save multiple kingdoms and not just Hyrule. Perhaps an entire planet. Or Link is forced to save Hyrule indirectly while working in a parallel world while Zelda coordinates with him from Hyrule.

    • Jake

      Hey thanks for the comment. Heck yea, all kinds of places Link can venture off to. Still would be fun for a Zelda spin-off!

    • Boni and Ruby

      That seems pretty sexiest to me seeing as the game is called Zelda, not link breath of the wild while with Mario the game is called Mario not peach so I can see why you play as Mario. Though that’s just my two cents on the matter.

  • Joshua Story

    Another interesting thing they could do is have the hero of link reborn as a female. We’ve seen link be reborn and his epic adventures lived throughout the ages, but of all the rebirths… how is it that his avatar was never born as a girl? Speaking of Avatars, that is a great example of what I mean. The animated series “The Avatar” does just that. I think it would be an interesting change in pace. Nintendo also did this in the “Dragon Quest” series. She could even talk to her former male version throughout to learn what has transpired and what it is to be the hero of time.

    • Adam Young

      “Another interesting thing they could do is have the hero of link reborn as a female”

      They kinda did that in Hyrule Warriors Legends for the Nintendo 3DS with the character Linkle.