Nidhogg 2 Dashes Into August 15 Release Date

Over three years after the original’s lengthy journey to launch, Nidhogg 2 has secured a release date next month for its unique combination of fencing and 2D platforming.

As was immediately noticed since the game was announced late last year, Nidhogg 2 features an entirely different art style from its predecessor, and in a post over at PlayStation Blog, Messhof co-founder and creative director Mark Essen went into detail on that decision. According to Essen, much of the game’s original design aesthetic came from the need to accommodate a style of gameplay that changed so rapidly, and therefore keeping the animations and characters simplistic to compensate for such. Now, with the formula already in place, Nidhogg 2 presented Messhof with the opportunity for some additional artistic flair, plus some extra fine-tuning of the chaotic multiplayer gameplay.

Nidhogg 2 will launch on PS4 and PC on August 15.