Cowards Be Gone – Geese Howard Joins the Cast of Tekken 7

Tekken 7 has its first post-launch mode coming soon with Tekken Bowling, and now, an all-new guest character has been announced. With Akuma in from Capcom, SNK’s legendary antagonist Geese Howard will be coming to Tekken 7. Fatal Fury fans will have to wait a while to play as him, as he won’t officially join the playable roster until this coming winter. However, the trailer shows that they’ve nailed his personality and moveset perfectly – with Unreal Engine 4 really shining when it comes to his facial expressions and extensive body scarring.  There’s no word on an exact price for just Geese, but it would appear that he will be added in as a paid character given that he is titled DLC 2 in the trailer.