Tips and Tricks Learned from Splatoon 2’s Splatfest

Splatoon fans have been waiting eagerly for the release of Splatoon 2. Luckily, it launches in just a week but those who already own a Switch were able to check out a sneak peek of things. Splatoon 2 held their first Splatfest event and it was filled with all kinds of new material for kids and squids to get their hands on. We will run down a couple of tips and possible tricks from what we learned about Splatoon 2‘s different aspects.

First, let’s take a look at the weapons. There were only four Main Weapons to choose from which all had different Subs and Specials. There have been some big changes when it comes to Specials as none of the old ones make a return to the game. Plus, there are new Main and Sub weapons to learn about.

Splat Dualies fire quickly which is a huge advantage as well as the dodge roll it comes with. The dodging will need some getting used to as it is the same button for jumping. So if you’re trying to go up on a platform or get some more range by jumping you could mistakenly roll off the stage! Its Burst Bombs are very handy as it will get you out of a jam with some area to swim away especially if being attacked from behind. The Splat Dualies themselves are a bit weak so the Burst Bomb gives you extra kick if you need to splat an opponent. Tenta Missiles is its’ Special which sort of replace the Inkstrike as a long range launch weapon. It is capable of hitting the entire opposing team at once which is definitely the goal. However, you cannot blindly shoot it off because there needs to be a target to lock-on to. Splat Dualies are good for beginners and anyone looking to move around in a hurry and cover as much turf as possible or moving in on the other team.

Tentatek Splattershot is your pretty basic weapon. It is well-rounded in terms of range, fire rate and damage. There weren’t really any complaints to be had with this weapon. Of course it may not be for everyone but it is excellent for anyone beginning their splatting in Splatoon 2. It comes with Splat Bombs which will roll around a bit before exploding. The Special Weapon is Inkjet which is very fun and interesting to use. As soon as you start shooting it will boost you into mid-air. You’ll be able to get off around five or six shots before puttering out. Once finished you are launched right back to where you activated it. This is so opponents won’t wait for you upon landing somewhere new. Sometimes you will be able to fly right into hard to reach locations or areas inaccessible by walking or swimming. So you can shoot right in front of enemy respawn spots! Interesting note: if you fly over top of water it won’t drop you in there. You still get launched back to where you started but will lose any ammo left in the Inkjet. The Tentatek Splattershot is probably the perfect weapon to start out with when testing the battlefield in Splatoon 2.

Splat Charger is relatively unchanged from the previous title. It has great distance and power because of its category as a rifle. When charged you get to keep the charge and swim around before popping up to unleash its full force. However, this particular weapon doesn’t hold the charge for too long so you need to act fast. It comes with the Splat Bomb which is good being paired with a long range weapon as it can be thrown closer to you if needed. Though it should be noted, pulling the trigger quickly makes short bursts of ink which is perfect for coverage. You get the Sting Ray special with this. It is a very slow moving, highly powerful pressurized stream of ink. It can pass through objects but since it’s slow, enemies might easily avoid the attack. If possible it is best to corner someone and turn on the hose so there is no escape! Plus, when not shooting the Sting Ray, you’ll be able to see silhouettes of opponents through solid walls which helps with aiming. It takes skill to wield a Splat Charger but if you stick with it enough, it’ll grow on you.

Splat Roller will let you roll around and cover ink with ease. New features such as speeding up while rolling as well as a vertical fling definitely come in handy. It has amazing reach when jumping and swinging and can hit targets hiding above you. Curling Bombs is the Sub which are fun to play around with. They bounce of anything in it’s path and explode after a couple of seconds. Trapping someone in the ink stream before blowing them up means you are using it perfectly. It is also a great distraction for enemies to focus on as well as a way for you to swim through some ink with a little pathway. Splashdown as a Special is great for wide coverage and unleashing an attack when in close quarters combat. However, it doesn’t act too quickly which will give the other team a change to swim away. Splat Rollers are going to be a popular choice since it covers well and is pretty strong, so watch out.

Now, we can discuss the stages a bit. Throughout the course of Splatfest, we were treated to four different stages. It began with Starfish Mainstage and Inkblot Art Academy. After a couple hours it turned into Moray Towers and Humpback Pump Track. It is unknown if changes will occur during next Splatfests. It seems unlikely given it didn’t happen in the first game but that would be a fun feature to include with the sequel!

Starfish Mainstage is themed to appear like a concert venue. It has a large opening on both sides of the map as well as in the middle. Off to the sides are various objects to climb and some grates to walk on. Along the right side of the stage is a small blank wall which can be inked. Doing so will allow you access into enemy territory. It may look like a death defying stunt to pull off but putting on enough ink gives you some comfort. Try it out a bit in recon mode. The rest of Starfish Mainstage is pretty self-explanatory. Be sure to ink the short walls which makes navigating easier.

Inkblot Art Academy obviously means it is a school for Inklings to hone their artistic skills. This place has tall sculptures which make for great Splat Charger positions as well as giving yourself a line of sight. Off to the left is your alley way which gets you to the main area a bit quicker. On the right side though it where the enemy alley comes out to so you can ink it up a bit to see if anyone is coming. There also happens to be glass display cases in the middle which will let you see who might be making their way toward you. The stage is a lot larger than expected but has lots of obstacles to ink around.

Moray Towers makes a comeback from the first game. Much of it has not changed but there are little things which make a big difference. Many of the barriers are different and more ramp-like. So, going up or down the long pathway isn’t as streamlined. The huge addition is the installation of Inkrails around the place. You remember them from single player mode in Splatoon and they act in the same manner. Once the starting point is inked, you can ride along the rail and drop down with an ambush or Splashdown out of nowhere. However, they aren’t permanently in your color. After some time it will disappear and must be re-inked. Also, if it is in your color the enemy can’t take it over until the timer expires. It will take some getting used to but Moray Towers will be comfortable for veterans.

Humpback Pump Track has one of the largest areas to cover in Turf War. It features a huge mound to conquer but getting there is the tricky part. It is almost like playing a king of the hill type of game. The middle is surrounded by a deep gap all around so you will drop down pretty far. There are some little hiding spots cut out so you can avoid being seen. It might be best to stick to the perimeter and cover all that while shooting into the center as much as possible. Hectic battles are going to take place in the middle so, be prepared and watch your back.

We had a lot of fun in Splatoon 2 but unfortunately it was such a huge tease. At least there won’t be a long time to wait for the game. Comment below with some features you found enjoyable, annoying and just pretty cool.