Destiny 2’s Beta Will Prove Destiny’s Worth for Audiences New and Old

This week is a big one for Bungie as the Destiny 2 beta will be going live. Those who pre-ordered (or win our giveaway) will get a taste first, between July 18 – 20, with the beta opening to all from July 21- 23, when the beta will close. This will be the first real test for the future of Destiny, a franchise that has owned a rocky, if at times strong, history. It might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but Destiny has enough of a fan base behind it that it has weathered the storm through its first iteration. Destiny has always been able to scratch a certain itch, nailing the feel of an excellent shooter, with a loot system that has only been improved upon (no, it was not the best at first). Now it just needs to tighten everything else up, and from the looks of it, it has.

Destiny is like a machine with missing parts that somehow keeps running anyway. Destiny 2 is remedying problems such as adding maps, making the world more vibrant with lived-in spaces where dramas may play out (quest), pulling the player in to the world. At least, that’s what it’s selling. The future looks strong for Destiny, and with Blizzard backing them, it seems like it will have all the push it needs to become the stand out game it originally intended to be. It says a lot that such a big company would be willing to support the Destiny IP. Bungie, is an excellent company even without Blizzard, but the two together pack a powerful punch.

Following suit with the original Destiny beta, Destiny 2 will show enough of it self that it won’t feel stagnate. Giving a taste of everything the game has to offer, well, they’re holding some stuff back. No one will be tackling a raid, that’s for sure. Featuring the opening story mission, a couple Crucible maps and even a Strike, there will be plenty to keep guardians busy. The three classes presented will be more than enough to figure out what Guardian to play. Although, it wouldn’t be surprising to see most original Destiny players drawn to their go-tos.

It would be a shame to see Destiny 2 fall into the same trap that the original Destiny did. With players sampling the Alpha and Beta, getting hyped only to be let down by many problems not seen until late game. What Destiny 2 needs to prove is that it is a game that has fixed the holes in the first game, while maintaining a strong foundation for all of Destiny 2 to play off.  Knowing that a light level still exist is worrying as it was a confusing system for new players and might persist in the same way. Having to focus on two numbers with one seeming arbitrary after hitting the level-cap could have the same effect unless presented easily.

The loot system is also something to keep an eye on. Everyone remembers the loot-cave and if not, check it out. Of course, Bungie remedied the issue, but problems of poor loot drops remained throughout the rest of the game. It took an extensive amount of dedication if one wanted to reach the highest level. Loot, recycling itself repeatedly, as Guardians would throw themselves into whatever grinder they preferred. The aim of this ridiculous grind being the famous Vault of Glass, Destiny’s first raid. Within the first few months Destiny was already losing an audience that had originally flocked to its side. Bungie was the company that had created Halo, how could they mess this up? It wasn’t as bad as it looked from the outside, a player base stuck, and the game continued. Bungie had promised a ten-year game and they have delivered. Maybe not every piece of new content has been to everyone’s liking, but it can’t be said that Destiny isn’t a better game than from where it started.

Destiny has continued to push itself forward, and like many games before, has catered to its fans through these first few years. It’s nice knowing that the game didn’t totally bomb; it’s Bungie after all, they know what they’re doing. Destiny was a first for them, combing everything they knew about shooters with a totally new venture of creating a FPSMMO. It worked too, even with the take-off being rocky. The Taken King brought great changes to the Destiny experience, pushing it in the direction it needed to go. Destiny 2 seems to be expounding upon that by a thousand. The beta is by no means a make or break, but it will have a certain push or pull.