Tee Off for a Fun Time in Everybody’s Golf

Everybody’s Golf, better known under its previous title of Hot Shots Golf in North America, is a long-running golf series that with has entered its 20 year anniversary with its eleventh entry into the series. Originally revealed back in 2014 and planned for a 2015 release, it took a couple more years before it would finally be official be announced for release this coming August. As the latest in the Everybody’s Golf series, it strives to offer even more for players to do on the course.

The latest entry into Everybody’s Golf expands upon what previous titles set in place. Players are able to customize their own character when starting up, and whether they want it to look like them or just have fun with it, there are tons of options to choose from to make the avatar just for them. Once players have chosen a character, either making their own or using a pre-selected, they can take their character on the many expansive courses available. Beginners jumping into Everybody’s Golf might find it a bit challenging to get the hang of, but fortunately the character they play as improves the more they play making coming back for more worth it.

Turf War is one of the main competitive modes available to play in Everybody’s Golf, which splits players up into two teams in order to earn the most points. The two teams split off and complete golf courses in any order they desire while keeping track of scores the entire time. Once a course has been completed the team with the best score captures that course and the ten minute time limit is up the team with the most captured holes wins. While turf war is a more fast-paced than just playing in other modes, it requires accuracy and speed in order to get the best score for each team, truly putting skills to the test.

Courses this time around aren’t just for standing around and golfing, although that is their main attraction. Players are able to freely roam each course and explore it as far as they’d like, which includes going as far as even swimming in any ponds in the area. Golf carts can even be taken out and about to really get a lay of the land. For players really wanting to take a little break, there are tons of side activities for them to partake in. If golfing is getting just a bit tiresome for the moment, players can relax by pulling out a fishing pole instead and trying to lure some fish in the main hub area’s pond to try and get the big catch. Those wanting a little more action can race against friends in golf carts and even interrupt other players on the course by driving by. Those hoping to get more items added to their wardrobe can take on treasure hunts in the form of gold scattered randomly throughout courses, adding to their currency in order to buy outfits and other customization goods.

Players looking for the next way to experience a relaxing, but challenging, round of golf will want to give Everybody’s Golf a look. With expressive characters and a variety of side-activities to enjoy with friends or others online there is plenty to keep casual and competitive players entertained while golfing in the latest entry to this long-running series. The wait won’t be too long either, as players can get ready to tee off in Everybody’s Golf next month on August 30.