Greedy Guns Looks Rad, Coming Soon

Portuguese developer Tio Atum has happened upon a very specific recipe that instantly garners my attention with their upcoming game Greedy Guns. Mix equal parts twin stick shooter, bullet hell trappings, and stylish sprite graphics. Then bake it into a Metroidvania style adventure. Sprinkle on copious amounts of upgrades to purchase and and use, serves one to two people via local co-op options. Frankly, this heady dish hits upon so many things I love in gaming that I absolutely want this in my life.

Apparently, many other gamers feel the same way. After a successful Kickstarter campaign last year, the three man team has been cracking away at putting together a challenging and rewarding mix of pure awesome. They are nearing the end of their dark work, as the game is set to be released on September 1 via Steam. The Steam page is currently live, so the curious can add this to their wishlist to keep tabs on it as the launch day approaches. We at Hardcore Gamer will also be putting some preview code for the title through its paces and will be reporting back next week. In the meantime, check out the trailer below to whet the appetite.