Fig Campaign Ongoing For Bounty Battle, a Massive Indie Versus Fighter

We’ve all seen several instances where characters in the indie game community cross over in each other’s games in little cameo appearances or as the occasional playable character, but there has yet to be a full indie equivalent to that of, say, Marvel vs. Capcom or Super Smash Bros. Well, the two-man French development team of Dark Screen Games now aims to change that with Bounty Battle, a massive brawler bringing together various indie game characters of past, present, and future, which is now raising money through crowdfunding via Fig.

Featuring thirty characters from the likes of Guacamelee, Owlboy, Darkest Dungeon, Flinthook, Nuclear Throne, and many more plus ten original characters (and eighteen more guest fighters to appear as free DLC later), Bounty Battle allows for up to four players to duke it out in a 2D fighter with minions to summon, power-ups to collect, and status effects to inflict and gain in some highly frenetic gameplay, as seen in the clip below. There’s even a full story mode with different endings for everyone, for those who want to be truly invested in the insanity. Bounty Battle is seeking $30,000 in funding and has just under half of that total raised already as of the time of writing, so if if you want to help hit that goal ASAP, check out the Fig campaign page for more info on the game and to donate if you wish.