Fate/EXTELLA Launches on PC and Switch with a Pair of Trailers

So, there is no denying that, despite some of its flaws, I really dug on Marvelous’ Fate/EXTELLA when it launched on PlayStation 4. It was a great action game in the Dynasty Warriors vein and continued the Fate/EXTRA story line in a satisfying manner. Publisher XSEED announced awhile back that it would release the anime title to two new platforms, PC and Switch. There are some differences, though. The Switch edition comes loaded with 30 previously premium DLC costumes for the game’s myriad characters, adding in an extra bonus of an exclusive Unshackled Bride outfit to boot. With the faithfulness to the superior PlayStation 4 version over the Vita edition combined with the portability, the full $59.99 asking price is reasonable.

However, there are plenty of people that prefer the PC platform, with the ability to customize the experience and hit higher levels of graphical fidelity. The Steam edition should cover that quite nicely. While this version doesn’t have all of the bonus DLC costumes, it is launching at 10% off of an already lower price point, making the current cost $44.99. The costumes can still be purchased at a 20% discount for now, so favorite characters can still be customized while clocking in at a lower dollar amount compared to the Switch edition. It’s a tough choice to make, frankly.