Dualie Squelchers Being Added to Splatoon 2

While it may be tough to catch up on every new weapon being announced for Splatoon 2, we will certainly try our best. Today, a new addition to the Dualie category will be made available. The Dualie Squelchers are a fresh combination of two different guns.

It looks to take the shape of the Dual Squelcher, like if you split it in half you end up with the Dualie Squelchers to wield with both hands. They have the same design and color which should mean it is able to shoot as far as its predecessor. At a certain moment the two can merge which should pack a lot more power behind each hit. The Dualie Squelchers come with a Point Sensor as its sub and Tenta Missiles for a special. It seems to be a great weapon to use in order to pinpoint enemies for your team to locate!

There are bound to be more updates coming soon for Splatoon 2. Until then, check out as many weapons as possible to see which ones you are comfortable with, including the new Dualie Squelchers. Check out images below for a closer look.