Playism Wears Its 1bitHeart On Its Sleeve

Playism makes it a point to bring some really interesting and unique doujin games to the west. If one were forced to provide evidence for that assertion, Miwashiba’s 1bitHeart would be exhibit number one. The game puts the players in the shoes of Nanashi, an agoraphobic forced to venture out of his home in conflict with his own fears. Soon, he finds himself tasked with discovering the cause of myriad strange occurrences around the the town. These means getting to meet people, and make friends when the game releases for Steam and on Playism’s platform next month.

The gameplay itself is divided into three sections. Detective will have Nanashi playing the sleuth, finding clues and deducing their meanings. Conversation forces the players to engage with the townsfolk at large, making choices in hopes of winning friendships to progress the story. After the chapter’s story has been cleared, then players will be able to engage in Free Mode, with open access to mini-games and additional conversations with the townsfolk. With the low-fi presentation that is shot through with pink, and the off kilter Japanese character designs, this title certainly has its own unique look. Check out the trailer below to see what I mean.