Untangle Alien Mysteries in the Epitasis Kickstarter Demo

The problem with the ruins of ancient alien civilizations is that there’s nobody to explain how they work.  All you can do is poke and prod at things until something useful happens, although “useful” usually ends up meaning access to the next mystery.  Epitasis is a classic example of this, with strange worlds covered by alien ruins that, while old and abandoned, are still surprisingly functional.  The Kickstarter campaign has been moving along at a decent pace, currently over halfway to its funding goal while just hitting the mid-point of the campaign, aided in part by a demo that was recently released.  It’s a nice walk through a few basic puzzles, hunting down artifacts by figuring out how to get lasers to power ancient machinery.  A little bit buggy, as is to be expected in an alpha build, and the architecture geometry is fairly basic, but the alien skies are beautiful and I enjoyed solving my way to the end of the roughly thirty-minute demo.  Head on over to the Epitasis Kickstarter campaign to give it a download and playthrough, or at least check out the trailer below.  You can never get enough gorgeous alien landscapes, after all.