New Lycanroc Form Revealed for Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon

It appears Pokémon news can pop out from anywhere without even a warning! A new form to Lycanroc has been revealed and it happened during the middle of the day. When pre-evolved form Rockruff was announced way back before the release of Sun and Moon, it was said to have a bit of a mystery around it and perhaps this is why!

In Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, Lycanroc receives a Dusk Form. There hasn’t been too much information revealed but we can see it is a bit darker in complexion with different colored eyes. Its appearance resembles the Midday Form more but the white mane is looking a bit untamed. So, one could determine Dusk Form is an in-between of the two.

What we do know is, you cannot obtain this Lycanroc by catching it in the wild. More details will be coming soon, so we will have to stay tuned. Until then take a look at the images below for a comparison between all three.