Shinji Mikami Believes The Evil Within 2 is Too Hard

Shinji Mikami, who is most recognized for his work on the original Resident Evil games, has a new franchise with The Evil Within. While the first one was a bit underwhelming, things look to really change with The Evil Within 2. In a recent interview with Famitsu, Mikami stated that he deeply recommends the “Casual” difficulty with the new game. It will have a “Survival” and “Nightmare” mode, and is also dropping its multi-chaptered setup. A big reason for this was to reduce loading times, plus having chapters can really ruin the immersion factor for a game. Players will also be able to craft weapons and play any way they like as opposed to the first game that depended on the specific chapter. Lastly, Mikami looks to be going back to his roots as the new game will focus on the fear emotion rather than the grotesqueness of the first one. If Mikami recommends playing on “Casual”, I’m not one to argue this man. The Evil Within 2 launches October 13.