Fly Like Any Number of Different Types of Birds as Fugl Comes to Early Access

Goals are nice, but they’re not everything.  Sometimes it’s nice to just fly around an endless procedural world as a bird, shooting through gaps and caves or just traveling along to see what you can see.  Fugl sets you in the feathers of a bird of your choice, creating a voxelized landscape that stretches as far as the rendering distance allows, and it’s yours to explore or play in as you see fit.  The game has been in an early alpha stage for a while now, with occasional calls for people to help test it out, but now it’s feature-rich enough for a Steam Early Access release on August 14.  It’s a beautiful little thing, peaceful and lovely, perfect for helping stuff your brain back into your head after a stressful day.  Sometimes you want to destroy everything with overwhelming power while the forces arrayed against you get bigger and meaner, but other times it’s best to just be a voxelized bird flying through an endless world that you can interact with (or not) as you see fit.