Dusk Form Lycanroc Only Obtainable for Pokémon Ultra Sun and Moon Via Early Purchase

Just days ago we received notice that a new Lycanroc form would be added to the upcoming Pokémon Ultra Sun and Moon games. It is pretty big news as it appeared Rockruff should only turn into two different Lycanroc. Now, there is more to discover about these Pokémon.

Dusk Lycanroc is an in-between of the Midday and Midnight forms. It shares features and characteristics from both sides. To obtain the special Pokémon, you must download it via the Nintendo Network during the early days of its release. Trainers have from November 17 until January 10 to get it, which is more than enough time! We currently know it will have Counter and Accelerock as attacks along with a new Lycanroc ability, Tough Claws. All three forms have their own abilities which makes them each unique.

This method of obtaining Lycanroc isn’t the worst way. But having it as the only way is a bit of a hindrance to anyone not picking it up right away. Hopefully there will be more options in the future. Read more about the Pokémon and watch the trailer below for some details. Ultra Sun and Moon release in just a couple months this November!