Sonic Mania Showcases Intro, But Gets Delayed Until August 29 on PC

Well, the ever-anticipated 16-bit platforming throwback Sonic Mania was hit with good news and bad news in the past day. The good news is that the game showed off its opening animation ahead of release, animated by Tyson Hesse and with music by Hyper Potions. And much like the sequence by Hesse shown a while back for a different trailer, it is absolutely gorgeous, perfectly capturing the feel of classic Sonic and providing a glimpse at some of the new baddies. You can check out the intro below, which should hopefully get you in the mood for the game even further.

The bad news, though, is that the PC version of the game was delayed until August 29. In an official statement, it was said that the reason for the slight delay was that the developers wanted to provide nothing but the best for Sonic Mania, and thus the PC version requires some extra polish for optimization purposes. To help make up for this a bit, those who have pre-ordered the game on Steam will receive a free version of the original Sonic the Hedgehog, or a version that they can gift to a friend if they already own a copy. This is indeed a slight setback, but mature PC gamers should be able to take this reasonably well. Sonic Mania is still due out for XB1, PS4, and Switch on August 15.