Madden NFL 18 Will Allow You to Play Alongside the Actual Season

Fans of the Madden series are always looking for a boost in the Franchise Mode. Introduced way back in 1999, Franchise Mode was revolutionary allowing players and the A.I. to play multiple seasons while completing an offseason. There has been a ton of logic issues over the years that EA Sports is looking to address. More importantly, players can jump in at any point in the season and continue their own from that point. This includes the storylines and official rosters at that juncture. In the latest Madden Mechanics blog, it details the Play Now Live feature that will be available in Madden NFL 18.

Play Now Live will even feature updated commentary to go along with what’s happening in the season. Personally, getting into the season and seeing a Quarterback who has been out since August pop up as a league leader in a statistic, or seeing someone who panned out in real life but sits the bench makes me wish this would be updated. With Simple Season,¬†players can go from game-to-game as fast as possible, or play a full-control season to manage and improve your team as you see fit. Customize the experience even further using a new suite of options.

The logic improvements will come as a much needed and requested aspect. No longer will players (like Tom Brady) retire after one season due to their age. Drafting and scouting will be much improved as now the computer will draft based on your draft board, and it will also include a position limit to make it more authentic. Players can also customize their draft board, something that was heavily requested by the community. Other improvements for the offseason include trade and free agent tuning to help obtain players that may have normally been impossible to get, or just not worth the asking price.

Franchise commentating will be much improved, especially in the fourth quarter and playoff environments. Charles Davis and Brandon Gaudin return as the commentating team for Madden 18. They will help to immerse you in the story of the season by highlighting the playoff hunt, recapping previous games, and announcing weekly award winners. Lastly, the team will comment on other games going on the in the league that pop up in the bottom score ticker. Click on the link in this article to read the entire blog and look for Madden NFL 18 on August 25.