NA LCS Promotion Tournament Round 2 Predictions

As expected GCU gave P1 some trouble, but they overcame it in the end to take the series 3-2. TL on the other side of things took care of eUnited quickly and scored a 3-0. for

Both of the LCS teams won as they should even though P1 stumbled a bit. Now they’re pitted against each other and only one can finish their run in the tournament. The other will have to face who I’m assuming will be GCU again to keep their pride alive. Here are the matchups for today.

  • Team Liquid vs Phoenix1 (3-1)
  • Gold Coin United vs eUnited (3-1)

For TL, Mickey finally made his debut and got better match after match. Much like Fly he was a pretty decent mid laner during his time in the LCK. Obviously overshadowed by Faker, but they held their own against him whenever they met. Now they’re against much weaker opponents that are trying to prove themselves in a far lower arena. It’s really just not fair. With that I think they take the series pretty easily over P1. Regardless as to who they throw in the mid lane against him, he should have a pretty good time.

GCU was the number one team in the NA CS for a reason. They have a crazy group of veterans that performed at the highest level before. With a former LCK mid laner and an LCK support legend, you’re likely going to win the challenger scene on those two alone. Bring in a former EU and NA LCS jungler and you easily have enough. I expect their series against eUnited to be a repeat of the last time they met. It’ll be a tightly contested four games, but GCU should have what it takes to take home the W and keep the dream of beating an LCS team alive.