Procedural Sci-fi RPG Songbringer Launching Next Month

One-man studio Wizard Fu’s pixellated Action RPG, Songbringer, will see its procedural Zelda-like ventures rolled out starting the literal first day of September, publisher Double Eleven have announced today. The sci-fi leaning action-adventure title, though still focuses heavily on its procedurally-generated nature, boasts a mix of real-time combat, a variety of weapons as well as a series of explorative dungeons that must be conquered and subsequently beaten in the form of that most classic of gaming tropes in the form of an end boss.

Should you die, the game recreates itself based off of a six-character World seed, dungeons included. Songbringer will be available first via Xbox One & PC on September 1 with a PS4 version following shortly thereafter on September 5. Check out Songbringer’s latest gameplay trailer below.