Cyberpunk Horror Game Observer Available Now, Receives Launch Trailer

Having received positive reception to their first-person psychological horror game from last year, Layers of Fear, developers Bloober Team now follow it up with another horror game in a similar vein, Observer, which is available now. This time around, though, things shift from the Victorian era to cyberpunk as we step into the shoes of detective Daniel Lazarski (played by Rutger Hauer) in the year 2084 as he hacks into the minds of criminals and victims in order to solve crimes. Of course, as you can see with the launch trailer below, Daniel’s journeys will lead to some creepier scenarios than first expected.

Admittedly, opening with the somewhat corny line of “What would you do if your fears were hacked?” doesn’t make the best first impression, sounding like the tagline to a b-rate ’90s sci-fi film. But then we get into a lot of the surreal, twisted imagery that makes for a great horror game, showing off bits of the high-tech detective work found in the gameplay as well. Observer is now available for PC, Ps4, and XB1, and should definitely please those looking for a new creepfest to enjoy.