NA LCS Playoff Predictions: Cloud9 vs Team Dignitas

The playoffs in NA are finally here! Today we have Cloud9 taking on Team Dignitas in what will likely be a great Bo5. Both teams have looked strong in the waning weeks of Summer play.

Their last head to head was week 7 and C9 won that series.  It took all three matches and C9 took the last two, but what we really saw was Jensen completely go off and earn 14 kills to claim the win for his team. That type of hard carrying from him was a staple during both splits and led him to complete a historic Summer split.

To start off the Summer split Ssumday did his best Jensen impression by hard carrying matches of his own. He completely dominated on Fiora and other carries making him seem unstoppable during the early part of the split, but that eventually changed as the meta shifted. He’s still a threat, but teams better played against DIG when he became less of an issue.

That forced DIG to get better all around and others to start helping with the carrying. DIG ultimately dropped Chaser bringing Shrimp up and the bot lane started playing incredibly well. They may be the five seed in the playoffs, but they managed to down IMT in week 8 so I think they’re in pretty good form.

Here’s what they need to do to bring home the win against C9. They have to keep Jensen down. That’s an easy answer, but an incredibly hard thing to accomplish as C9 focus hard on their mid lane. Both bot lanes are able to fend for themselves and that should make for great play, and if Shrimp can getting Ssumday ahead is always a great idea but they can’t let Jensen pick Kean apart. It’s not that Keane is a far inferior mid laner, but Jensen leaving lane even is a huge boon to C9.

The major issue with not forcing Jensen to play from behind is that he’s a constant issue. With a lead, he’ll terrorize your team and from an even standpoint you better have a great fight or that’s where he’ll find his lead. Even from behind he’s a threat, but keeping him down is the best you can hope for.

In the LCS Jensen is number one in KDA, number two in Kill Participation and number three in cs per minute. He’s an absolute monster doesn’t plan on slowing down any time soon. That’s what has been and should still be the gameplan for C9. Get Jensen ahead and just keep funneling him resources. As a team, they’re great at making macro decisions and it gets easier when you have a carry like that on your team.

It’s really simple. Jensen is everyone’s win condition. Keep him down and you win, or if you let him get ahead you’re likely going to be on the losing end. Below I have C9 taking the series 3-1. I don’t doubt that DIG could win another game or possibly the whole series, but it is a tall order.

  • Cloud9 vs Team Dignitas (3-1)