Screenshot Saturday Featuring Mothergunship, Felix the Reaper, More

Screenshot Saturday is for showing off the week’s work.  It’s a huge pile of images, animations, and the occasional piece of music tossed into the world by hundreds of creators, a giant free-for-all with games ranging from “my first project” to top-end professional development.  This feature aims to pull a dozen images from the pile but sometimes things get out of hand, so why artificially limit the festivities?  Most of the images are animations, though, so don’t let them pass by without giving them a chance to move.

Unnamed-  New somthing-or-other from the developer of Butcher.  Whatever this alien/monster/creature thing is, it’s creepy as hell. Weird as it is, though, it might be just as fun to play as to shoot.

Make Sail- Build a boat and hit the seas, and try not to end up like this poor doomed craft. You only have enough to get by at the start, but as you explore, make it to new islands, and survive the beasts lurking in the waters you find more pieces to build bigger and sturdier while personalizing your own mighty ship.

Unnamed- Hard to say but it looks really fun to fly around, even in whitebox form. Current plans are for it to turn into aerial dogfighting, much like Star Fox 64 multiplayer levels.

Anew: The Distant Light- Sci-fi Metroidvania where you’re a child alone twenty light years from Earth, but sometimes get to play with the really cool toys. Enormous mechs are all very nice but sometimes it’s better to drive the compact model, which also makes a handy platform.

Wall Candy- It doesn’t always have to be a videogame. Check out the link for full instructions on how to make your own minimalist 70s-retro Raspberry Pi wall-mounted emulator cabinet. While this one is designed for one stick, it looks easily expandable to two.

LightField- Wipeout meets parkour, with the racing ships of the future bounding from wall to wall in giant open arenas with multiple paths that may be fast, or may just be fun to explore. Winning is nice but there’s all this area out there to look at so might as well see what the future has to offer.

Mothergunship- Not actually Tower of Guns 2 but more than close enough. Bullet-hell FPS with randomized arena progression, tons of power-ups, and a build-your-own-gun mechanic that lets you get as crazy with the firepower as you’ve got the energy to handle. I haven’t played this since PAX East and am going through heavy withdrawal.

Polygon Rex- There are things that happen in the course of development that will never make the final release, frequently stress-testing various systems. Just because it’s a necessary part of the work of creation doesn’t mean you can’t have a blast being a t-rex stomping a million houses flat.

Nimbatus- Build a drone to explore a hostile corner of space, using the parts in whatever way you’d like to become ridiculously overpowered. It’s not quite so effective when the offense is at the back and you charge face-first, but still fun to see.

Hounds of Valor- Who’s a valiant boy? You are, yes you! Action-adventure featuring dogs with swords conveniently sheathed right where they can chomp down and draw. Not quite sure how he’s accessing the canister on his back, though.

Sky Rogue- Fly and shoot over procedurally-generated maps, taking down the enemy aircraft to carve out a moments peace for a bombing run on the ground targets. It’s come a very long way since its free alpha stage, with a strong run in Early Access finally coming to an end this coming week.

Exposure- Hide, because you are small and tasty.  Switch between light and dark forms to camouflage yourself against the background, becoming untouchable when you’ve blended invisibly to the various shapes drifting through the world.  Pretty flat-colored abstract paintings are far more dangerous environments than one may have been led to believe.

Pig Eat Ball- Arcade action where you binge on balls to beat the level, purge when you get so big you can’t get through tight spaces.  The hundreds of levels are going to be kind of disgusting by the time you vomit your way through, but at least you’ll leave a nice trail behind as you move.

Black Future ‘88-  Run & gun action platformer in a procedural tower that gets harder as you loop through multiple playthroughs.  The enemies are the obvious problem but the tower itself hates you as well, changing and upgrading depending on your actions and curse level.  Manage it all to keep things from getting too out of hand or just go nuts and let the tower do its worst.

Felix the Reaper-  Felix wants to kill people.  Or rather, he wants to be a reaper at the Ministry of Death, because then he might get to meet Betty the Maiden of the Ministry of Life.  How his slick dance moves work towards passing the tests of making sure people die as they’re supposed to is a bit of a mystery, but will probably make sense in context.  Or maybe Felix just can’t resist the music in his soul.

Bonus Image

Unnamed- A moment of apparent rest for the Egyptian god of the dead, but maybe not. More than just managing souls, Anubis also protected the corpses of the deceased. It’s probably not a good idea to look inside that dumpster.