Hardcore Gamer Debuts New Look, New Mantra

Hardcore Gamer began its life as a print magazine and we like to think we’ve carried on those convictions with us to this day, turning our nose up at the trends in gaming media that have come and gone throughout our tenure and sticking to what matters: games. Reading a gaming publication should be a relaxing, informative experience with well-researched articles that are written for gamers and not for search engines. We don’t want to grab your attention with misleading headlines, delve off topic or waste your time clicking through infinite pages. A gaming publication should be a haven for the medium’s hobbyists where they can take a break from the outside world, enlighten themselves, share in ideas about games held near and dear to the heart and to simply lose themselves in this pastime’s wonders.

That’s why today we’re doubling down on these notions by unveiling our new slogan which we feel represents what we’ve striven so hard to convey through our content: No Nonsense, Just Games.

It’s that simple. We operate as if we were a gaming magazine circa 1999 — focusing solely on what you need to know about games and games alone. We’re apolitical, we don’t do “clickbait,” we don’t have mutli-page slideshows and we don’t do sensationalist stories. Those who click on most any Hardcore Gamer article will find a single page of gaming goodness from somebody who lives and breathes games aimed at somebody who lives and breathes games. Just how it should be.

And with a new slogan comes a new logo that we’ve quietly been rolling out over the past week. While we’ll always love our previous logo (which was in service nearly ten years), the new logo is clean and contemporary and reflects our upscale image while representing our off-center sensibilities. We dig it and hope you do too.

In the months to come, not only are we committed to placing a renewed focus on our already great content to lineup with our now public mantra, but we’ll also be rolling out minor visual and functionality improvements. Get ready for an even better — and more exciting — Hardcore Gamer.

  • GrimFate

    Sounds good to me.

  • Fhiend

    This sounds good. I haven’t been coming to this site for very long but I like it. Keep up the good work.

  • Jbumi

    Been a fan for a long time – you guys do a fantastic job! Any chance you’ll be bringing back the podcast? Been a few years & I still miss it.

    • HGNet

      Thanks for the kind words and for being such a great fan!

      We have been tossing around the idea — or perhaps doing some sort of weekly videocast. Stay tuned 🙂

  • Datguy

    Nice work, hopefully with these changes you still maintain the website format. Been here for awhile and don’t plan on leaving any time soon.

  • Retsudo Yagyuu

    I really like the point of view that you present about the games and also the site that is free of invasive advertisements. It’s also good to find game reviews that I do not see anywhere else, especially Indie games. I wish HardcoreGamer a bright future.