The Good Life Officially Gets a Debut Trailer

Last week, the gaming world was surprised when news revealing the Fig campaign for The Good Life, the next game from famous gaming director SWERY’s new development company White Owls Inc., leaked ahead of its planned PAX West debut. Still, SWERY was a sport and went along with it, and now White Owls has officially revealed the debut trailer for the game (which you can see below), showcasing the setup for everyone.

As expected from someone who draws inspiration heavily from Twin Peaks, the trailer begins with a cup of coffee, before revealing that a murder has been committed in a quaint rural English town with a dark secret, and that it’s up to Naomi, a photographer from New York, to figure out what exactly is going on. Oh, and then we cut to a bunch of cat footage and the fact that all of the town’s inhabitants, including Naomi, turn into cats at night. Did we forget that part? The Good Life’s Fig campaign is set to begin on September 2, with a planned Q3 2019 release at the moment. SWERY has also said he may still show more of the game at PAX West, so stay tuned.